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Thursday, August 17


We had a good time. The kids had a fantastic time...me...well I spent most of it recovering from first and second degree burns. I had a bit of a fight with the propane grill on the second night and the grill won. The tank fell over either before or after the hose suddenly disconnected and flames erupted under the grill. I was standing off to the side of it when it happened and just as I stepped away from it the nozzle on the tank blew off and flames burst out about 6 feet into the air, emcompassing the grill and burning me on both legs from the knees down as well as my right arm from elbow to fingers. Mostly second degree with some first above and below the worst areas on each burned limb. Camp wasn't quite as enjoyable when spent recovering.

The other thing that bothered me was that I felt like a bit of an outsider this year. I don't quite know if it was the divorce jst guilting me into feeling that way or what but it was this lingering feeling all week long. Even with my (ex)sister-in-law, she was distant and rather unhelpful with my injuries. The whole of camp just was a bit disappointing in general for me this year. The kids had an excellent time though and that is important.


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