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Thursday, July 6

Ages and ages

It has been forever since I lasted posted anything. It's just been rather busy as of late. Settling down now though so I have a bit of time to grab.

First point of interest is I got my raise!!! This is the first time I have ever actually gone to a boss and asked for one directly. Every other pay increase has come from a promotion that landed in my lap or a job change so this was a very new experience for me. I didn't even ask for a specific amount and that could have led to trouble but luckily it did not and I am very pleased with my increase. Just a bit more than a dollar an hour!!! I am very pleased indeed. Oh, and the praise that come with it was almost as good. Almost, since nothing is better than cold hard cash to say that the boss see you are doing a good job.

The day before I found out about my raise I was despairing greatly about money and went to my boss to let her know that I would be taking a second job to make ends meet. Hell, I was taking a second to make the ends see each other across a great wide cavern and wave to one another but I digress. She implored me to wait and let her see what could be done here for me. I received an email later that day while working from home that she had gotten me approved to put in up to 15 hours of overtime a week. Thank you God, this was an answer to a great many prayers. It will be so much easier to just work some additional hours rather than going from one job to the nest and losing evenings with the kids.

So, between overtime and the raise camp is a sure thing. I am absolutely beside myself with joy. I can't begin to describe the relief I feel now when I look at my cashflow and see it inching up into the black once again and staying there! All without a dime from the moron.

Speaking of whom he has found a job again. Pray he passes the drug test this time around. One would think that once you fail one as he did the last time, and once you have been fired for failing one as he did the last time...one would think to quit don't you think? Naw, not the moron. It's not hard addictive drugs mind you it's just a bit of pot, even less now that he's broke so quitting, while yes, would take effort it wouldn't be impossible or unthinkable. He called me Monday morning to say he was going for the test. I haven't a clue why he still feels like he must update me with all the details of his life but that is another rant all together. I asked him if he would pass it and this is the reply I received, "Well, I haven't had anything since Thursday and I have been slamming the water and I played basketball." Yup, there is yet another reason he has earned his title as the moron. He may well pass with only trace amounts (I do pray he does) but is it such a thing you leave for chance? A risk you take when you have been out of work and the only job you have found in ages you lost for failing the damn test!? Well, it's out of my hands and thank GOD my cashflow is becoming less and less dependent on him.

All in all, that very bad day has come around. My prayers have been answered. Thank you God.


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