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Sunday, June 4

100 things about me (a.k.a. a cure for insomnia)

1. I was born on September 16, 1970
2. My mom was so sure I was a girl that she filled out the birth announcements, name and all before I was born.
3. My name is spelled wrong. It's Deanna...no, not dee-anna...it's dean-na!
4. I never went to kindergarten. Then in first grade the evaluated me and wanted to push me up a grade. Mom said no. Good thing too cuz I ended up being the youngest and shortest in my grade anyway, imagine if I had skipped a grade. I'd have been a freak!
5. I am 4' 10 3/4" inches tall. Yes, 3/4...every little bit counts when you are short.
6. I despise being patted on the head and being called cute.
7. I wore a size 0 in high school.
8. I don't anymore.
9. I love to read.
10. Senior year of high school I was voted "Most likely to be found with her nose in a book"
11. Yes, I'm a geek. (For proof refer to 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 21, 44)
12. I started playing online when all you could really do was email and visit BBS's.
13. I built a computer from scratch once. (and was surprised it didn't explode)
14. I love Dave Matthews Band far to much.
15. Yeah, I'd do him.
16. I am a history nut. I love walking into a really old place and find myself in awe of the passage of time. Who walked here before me? What were they like? How did they live? Who did they love?
17. I can read a book....no matter the length..in one sitting. I don't often get time to do so but I adore it when I do.
18. I'm a mom. I have three wonderful boys. They give me reason to get up in the morning. Although a bit later in the morning would be oh so lovely.
19. I am a nightowl.
20. I love math. I actually got excited when my middle son needed math homework help.
22. I adore museums. Any type.
23. I can get lost for hours in a book store and still walk out with nothing.
24. I love to write. I keep a journal on and off and would really love to try to write an actual novel someday.
25. I want to retire to the English countryside in a little house with roses around the door. Cobblestone would just be icing on the cake.
26. I hate housework and will hire a housekeeper as soon as I possible can. (I can dream can't I??)
27. I want a strong, confident man to take care of me. (feminism be damned)
28. Once a month I go completely insane. Beware.
30. I love to swim.
31. I hate to exercise.
32. I have auburn hair that comes from a box. Shhhhh don't tell anyone!
33. I haven't the foggiest idea what my natural haircolor looks like anymore. Someone in the range of mousy brown. Eww.
34. I have green eyes..sometimes. They change with my mood. Hey..I have mood eyes!
35. I am having a lot of trouble completing this list. Is it cheating to leave this one on as one thing about me?
36. I really like Lindemans Shiraz. (brb need more)
37. I've been divorced twice. Well, as of June 19, 2006 I will be.
38. I believe in God.
39. I believe the Bible is true. All of it. Not just the parts that are politically correct.
40. I am allergic to Bactrim. This is new. I will never, ever, ever, ever take this drug again.
41. I love Shakespeare.
42. I refuse to see Romeo and Juliet performed anywhere but in the Globe. I must see it there.
43. I cannot spell worth a damn. Thank you GOD for spell check!
44. I love to solve puzzles, problems and such. I get a high from settling in with something that needs figuring out. (yeah, adding it to the geek list)
45. I am allergic to the sun.
46. I am terrible at scrabble. Really, really terrible. So bad that the 14 year old beats me EVERY time...and has for years.
47. I do not play any sport in which the ball comes directly at me because chances are that I will not catch it and will instead, be hit by it.
48. I love getting flowers.
49. I wear glasses and have since I was ten.
50. I think watching baseball on TV is just about as exciting as watching paint dry. Almost.
51. I hate spiders.
52. Not so crazy about bugs in general.
53. I really don't like to garden. I will plant and tend to what needs doing but to do it for enjoyment baffles me.
54. If medicines say "may cause drowsiness" I will be unconscious in 20 minutes. Guaranteed.
55. I adored being pregnant.
56. I would really like to lose some weight.
57. My favorite food is pizza. Pizza with pepperoni and peprochini. Yum.
58. I actually like spinach.
59. I am lactose intolerant.
60. Right now my hair is the longest I have ever let it grow in my entire life.
61. I would love to have it fall to my waist.
62. I am a picky eater. I never used to think so but have been told I am.
63. I disagree with that opinion. I think I have a pretty wide range of tastes
64. I hate to be alone. I don't like to shop alone, walk alone, sit alone etc. I don't have to be constantly entertained but I want someone near me.
65. I am a coffee snob. I adore good coffee.
66. I love sex. Adore it. Crave it. Want it often.
67. I love conversation. Good friends over dinner, just M and I, a stranger in the grocery line...I love to talk to people.
68. My favorite TV shows are ER and CSI.
69. I love the small and taste of cinnamon.
70. I love listening to BBC radio.
71. I moved six times during my school years.
72. I was very shy in school.
73. I have to really push myself to get to know people.
74. I have lived in Michigan all my life.
75. I don't go barefoot outdoors unless I absolutely have to.
76. I'd love to have another baby.
77. All three of mine were delivered by c-section.
78. The first time I labored for 16 hours with NO progress.
79. I love the smell of cut wood or a wood fire.
80. I graduated from high school in 1988
81. I have taken a load of college classes but no degree yet.
82. I am not yet sure of what I want to be when I grow up.
83. I am a procrastinator.
84. I don't have a lot of patience when I want something.
85. I subscribe to two magazines: Readers Digest and Time.
86. My favorite magazines are Scientific American and The Atlantic Monthly.
87. By heritage, I am Russian (maternal Grandmother) Romanian (maternal Grandfather), and French Canadian(must be Dad's side).
88. I get my news online.
89. I love Google Earth...it is so neat to zero in right on my little apartment.
90. I am living on my own again. Second time ever.
91. I am not real fond of it.
92. I wish I had learned to play an instrument.
93. I wanted to play the flute but chose not to because I was getting braces.
94. I never got braces.
95. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
96. I have a cat, Patches, and she was born in my sock drawer in 1987.
97. I am not real fond of dogs. Other peoples dogs are great.
98. I love to play pool and shoot darts. I suck at pool but and fair at darts.
99. I have two brothers and one sister. We aren't close.
100. I love my Mom. She did the best she could do in raising me and I love her for it.

Wow I am done!!!! Excellent. That was harder than I expected it to be.


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