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Saturday, July 8

Suffer the little children

Today I plan to torture my children. I expect moaning, groaning maybe even crying. What do I plan on doing to them you ask? It's time to clean their bedrooms. The pitiful efforts they make on their own have resulted in heaps in corners, cluttered shelves in the closets, and overflowing dresser drawers. Heaven only knows what is lurking under the beds! They are lurking about stealing glances at me this morning. They were warned that this was coming but I know they are dearly hoping I will forget. Sorry guys, no such luck.

I remember days like this as a child. I would cry and moan and go on and on about how unfair life was. Oh but to go back to that time eh? When life's biggest worry was the lose of playtime? I will advise my children today to treasure this misery as they will one day look back on it fondly. :) Think it will help? Naw, neither do I. Ahh well, time to put on the mean ole mom hat!


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