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Thursday, July 20

Can't catch my breath

I have been so flippin busy. Working 55 hours a week, keeping the house up, the kids, the moron. Ugh. Thank goodness it has it rewards and my big fat OT check will be here Friday! Woohoo. I am so excited about camp I can't even begin to express it. I cringe at the thought of what will await me at work after a week off but ahh well...I deserve the time off.

Oh, and the diet is going fairly well. Had a restart from that original woohoo doing great on day two post. Been at it for three solid weeks now and I have lost 6 pounds :) Not to shabby. Got to get to the gym a bit more but with my schedule it's been difficult at best.

The kids did survive cleaning day in case you wondering. No beatings even. I was mildly shocked and actually pleased with their efforts. Camp is the reward of course :) Except for little man. He got a homemade bow and arrow set. I'll have to post a pic...I got creative and he was enthralled with it. Well, until the bow broke the next day. $8.98 in supplies, 3 whiney cleaning hours, 45 minutes to make the darn thing and ya know what...a week later I bought him one that excited him just as much and got it from the dollar store. *sigh* He does still use the little backpack thing I made him to hold his arrows so I guess it was all worth the effort. That and the amazed look on his face when I handed it to him completed. He did think it was so cool that mom could make such a thing. Downside is he all kinds of ideas of what we should make next.

Off to bed...got to be into work by 7 these days. blah. I hate mornings.


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