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Friday, July 21

Why I should screen my calls...

So, the moron calls last night. Started out fine as he was calling to say he'd "babysit" his son on Saturday night. This was after saying he would, no he couldn't, maybe he would, nope can't and then finally last night yes he would indeed do it. I wouldn't have even asked him as I hate to ask that man for anything but I thought I would give him first rights to refusal so he wouldn't have a fit when he found out his son was elsewhere. Just one less thing to listen to him complain about, ya know.

Speaking of which, his call turned into one huge pity party so quickly it made my head spin. He's soooooooo bad off. Can't find a job. Owes money everywhere. Can't pay his child support so they are gonna toss him in jail. All they to how we'd all be just better off if he were just dead. Oh it was pitiful. I was nice. I listened patiently for a while but then I just couldn't resist and told him just how pitiful he was acting. Whining about his bleak future but unwilling to make any changes that would brighten the horizon. Won't quit smoking that funny stuff even though he keeps failing drug tests and losing work. Ohh and here is the big news. The last one he lost for that reason they actually offered him the job anyway. They offered to make an exception and hire him though he failed the darn test and he turned it down! His Dad went over to the place after the moron lost the job intending on talking to the owner, someone he knows, and asking him to give a shot and the owner told him he already had. Jobs are so very scarce here and especially so in manufacturing that it's just unthinkable to turn a good job down. Last bit of sympathy I had for the moron evaporated with that bit of news. He doesn't know I know about though and I didn't mention it last night. Why bother he'd only deny it anyhow. I finally had to just get off the phone with him he was being so negative and making everything I said into an argument. I don't have to put up with that anymore and I told him exactly that, kindly, calmly, and ended the conversation.

Ok, now that I have whined about the moron how about some good news? I got paid today. My raise was in my check for the first time as well as 30 hours overtime. It's the biggest, fattest check I have ever had!!! I feel rich. Next check will be the same too. Finally, my cashflow is staying out of the red. I am soooo happy about that. I can relax a little bit. Not worry about the little things quite as much. Not go into the red over renting a movie! Ohhh and splurge a little bit too. I joined netflix. Way cool! I have Elizabeth I and Hitler waiting for me when I get home.


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