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Sunday, July 23

Jello shots

I went to a Luau last night. It was fun in a I don't know anyone sort of way. I spent alot of the evening listening to conversations not having a clue what they were talking about. Ya know how it is when people talk about work or family and you don't know anyone that they are talking about. Remember when this happened...and remember when so and so did this....that sort of thing. Thankfully we sat right next to the cooler of jello shots. 32 flavors of jello shots. I don't think I tried them all but it wasn't for lack of trying some flavors were popular and hard to find. The hostess made 2000 jello shots. 2000! In these little cups with lids and numbers on the bottom. Every table had a list on it to identify the flavors. My favorite was 15, cherry lifesaver. Yum. I honestly have no idea how many I had. Lots. The pile of little empty cups near me was large.

I did have a good time despite not knowing anyone and not knowing the stories and I have a new found love for jello. Except 32....strawberry pina coloda, that one tasted like sun lotion.


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