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Thursday, July 27

A better day

I talked to my mom today and she sounds much improved. It's so scary every single illness can be deadly serious and terrifies me. A simple cold could worsen and mean the end. She is improving though so I will be thankful for that for now and pray that she sees the importance of exercise and taking care of herself.

The kids and I will go up to see her in late August after camp and before school starts again. I can't take them up there during the school year for fear that they will bring up to many germs. It's hard to keep all three kids healthily long enough to feel they are safe. One is perpetually getting over something as the other is just showing signs of something. Last winter every single time we thought it might be safe someone else got sick. It's sad really. The kids so love going to visit and I miss my mom more than I can begin to express.

She used to live down here by me and I would see her almost daily. We'd meet for lunch, go shopping, just visit. We worked together even off and on. I saw a lot of my mom when she lived down here. Then about 10 years ago or so she and her boyfriend moved to Gaylord, MI, about four hours North of me. Oh, that was hard. I missed her immensely. I could drive up any time I wanted to though and did often. Especially in the summertime, once a month some years. We'd spend all the holidays together still. Mostly with us going up there.

It's so fantastic up there.

Mom's House

See, she lives in the middle of the woods. It's 1.7 miles to the main road. Two lakes within walking distance. All you hear up there is the wind in the trees and the critters. It's lovely and peaceful. I am very much looking forward to getting up there. It will be great to see my mom, very good and reassuring to see she's doing better. Difficult as it may be but I really need to see how she is first hand.


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