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Tuesday, October 10


Well, work is not going well. Nothing personally going wrong but we found out last week that we are working on a failing project. This wasn't any surprise of course it's been apparent for months that we are making no money off this client but it was a bit of a surprise to find out how big the difference between what should have happened and what has happened. This failing account has even the biggest investors of the company watching and waiting. It's not looking good at all. We have pulled our on-site rep off the account so there is no buffer zone any longer and we are digging in our heels for a slow painful pull out. No one knows what will be left in the end. There is a slight chance that we will hold on to some business but without an entire revamp of the payment model even that won't happen. Bottom line is that we have seven people working on this account, three temps and four full time employees, and no one's job is secure. We will know more in a week. Big bosses are coming in next week for strategy meetings and there is a big meeting with the client on the 20th.

This has me feeling just a bit overwhelmed. A bit. Right.


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