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Wednesday, September 23

Ho hum

I am soooooooooooooo bored!! I should be working but I have spent the last several weeks at work doing nothing and I do mean nothing but copying and pasting. Some days it's all I can do just to stay awake. Today, I just can't concentrate at all….my mind is wandering in a thousand different directions.

First, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in which I am going to ask my GP to help me stop taking a particular drug I have been on for almost three years. The withdrawal from this drug is terrible…really, really terrible. I am feeling very scared and excited all wrapped into one. I am dreading the withdrawal, which can last for months in some cases and includes a very long list of symptoms but once it's done it's done! Over the past six months or so I have been suffering with more and more of the side effects that the drug itself causes and I want to be rid of these more than I dread the withdrawal. The worst, or rather the most embarrassing one is sweating. The least bit of heat, the least bit of execration and I am dripping with sweat! My hair never looks good these days because the sweating makes it go all wonky. There are more side effects but I will spare you, dear internet, from those details. :)

Secondly, I need to get busy making jam for Christmas gifts. Apple and Sage Chilli Jam…….Red Chilli Jam…….one more as well in which I haven't decided yet. Don't even know quite how to make the apple and sage one so it will take a few trials I think.

Then I wonder if my sister-in-law is going to ask us if she can move in with us for a little while. She is opening a new pub in Worthing and has been down for a night or two every week for the last couple weeks. I have this sneaking suspicion she is going to move in with us while she gets her own livings arrangements made. I wonder how well hubster would handle that. They get along ok, fine on most occasions…it's just that a large dose makes them fight.

I want to go home and knit or read my book and I wonder if I will find some time to do so this evening. We have had company or gone out every single night for over a week and I am longing for a nice quiet evening to relax. I even cancelled some plans for tomorrow night so we could have just that!

Right…back to copy/paste. You know you are jealous.


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