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Thursday, August 6


When we go on holiday in a couple weeks time we are taking with us Mister's ex-partners son. All well and good…he's a good kiddo and will be fun to have him along. So, I emailed his mum and said she needed to get him a visa waiver…even sent her a link to the application. So thoughtful of me, heh? Well, then I realized that the link I had sent her was to a site offering a guide on how to apply…a guide that costs $49.95. When did I realize this, you ask? She emailed me back saying how much it cost and me thinking it was free looked a bit deeper into it. Yeah, the application is free when you just go ahead and apply. No guide needed…it's really simple to do. Oops. I don't think I am even brave enough to tell her she has wasted her money. I am such a bad, bad person!


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