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Friday, August 7

happy, happy, joy, joy

I am in an unreasonably cheerful mood today. We had a really lovely evening last night. Mt mum-in-law arrived for a visit and we all went out to dinner. We talked and laughed and just had a really nice time. I wanted to skiv off today and stay home to hang out with her for the day. I will be counting the minutes until I can escape this place and be free for the weekend. It's going to be really nice. We are going to the West Dean Chili Festival tomorrow where I shall be sampling as many of the spicy jams I can get my hands on. My red chilli jam was so fantastic last year I want to make it and maybe two others for gifts at Christmas so I need some ideas.

Right…so much for not skiving…back to work with me!


At 8/08/2009 07:47:00 pm, Blogger Tusa said...

Nothing unreasonable about being cheerful. Enjoy your weekend.


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