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Thursday, August 6

Far too sleepy

My mum-in-law arrives this evening for her first visit to my house. She is really lovely and I am sure the visit will be very nice but I am still feeling rather nervous about it. We are in the midst of moving house so there are boxes and piles everywhere. It's so untidy. I feel like I am going to make a really lousy impression. Even the garden is an absolute wreck! We've been to busy playing at being kid free to have bothered with very much work around the house.

We haven't even really made much of a start in the packing and we move in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! During which mum-in-law will be here for four days and then we have to plans for Monday evening and I am away for work on Tuesday evening, plans on Wednesday evening ….hmm we can pack on Thursday but we are away on Friday and Saturday nights and we move on Sunday. OMG that's not two weeks…..that's only just over a week…barely over a week and we have one free evening in which to finish packing up the whole house. Ohhh my goodness I do feel a panic coming on.

My mum is home again…did I mention she was in the hospital. She's not doing well at all. Congestive heart failure has now been added to list of things that will never improve. She can barely get a sentence out…she just hasn't enough breath to even talk. I am beginning to feel terribly, horribly guilty that I can't do more to help. *sigh*


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