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Wednesday, August 6


We are thinking about buying a pub. We drove out to stay with a friend last night and have a look at her new place. She’s just recently moved out into the countryside. She’s living her dream really on 40 acres of land and by opening a horse livery. Gorgeous open countryside and at the end of her lane is a nice little pub. We went in for dinner and a few drinks and walked out planning the little things we could do to improve the place. It’s a nice place as it is but it’s just oooozing with potential. Good location with some but not overmuch competition. Real ales already on tap, which I am told is a good sign as they will go off if not drunk quickly enough. Mediocre food that would be easy to improve. This is a real possibility. Now just to do the investigations necessary to make an informed decision.

It’s called The Crown and I may Queen!



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