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Monday, August 18

Battered and Bruised

We played paintball on Sunday. Ohhh goodness did we have fun too. The first couple games I shot like crazy running out of paint in both games but then I got the hang of it and really got into it. I was crawling around on the ground and taking out the enemy. In one game I even made the win and stole the flag from the other teams home base. Didn’t get shot once in that one! However, in the last game I was killed many times and I killed many men. We won that one too but I came away bearing the scars of battle. I have a bruise on my left arm that is about 3 inches in diameter and several other ones scattered about. Let me tell you those little balls hurt like hell when they hit you.

One game the other team had just nabbed our flag and the poor kid that stole it got nailed by about three people at once, including me. I was pretty close to him when he dropped the flag and my competitive streak came out and I dived to recover the flag. Naturally, I was next to be attacked then and got hit hard. I ran to base wiped off death and ran back out and did in the end recover the flag for our team. I had become a warrior!

Foolishly so. I am soooo sore! My legs ache and my bruises hurt and my shoulders ache and my knees! Oh my knees hurt from dropping to the ground when under fire. Mark was jumping and rolling and diving and he’s sore too. He ran into a friend who went with us at the grocery store and asked her if she was having any difficulty walking properly to which she responded with a long moan. We are so old. *sigh*

We will do it again I am sure. It’s one of those things where you forget the pain after a while I think as it was so very much fun!

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