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Thursday, September 10

6 weeks 1 day 20 hours to go

Hiya :)

We are back from holiday now…well been back for well over a week now. I am sorry Tusa I didn't get the address to you!! We were sooooo busy moving house in the days leading up to leaving that I completely forgot to get it to you! :( I also forgot to tell the cleaner not to come. She came and set the house alarm off…neighbours had to rescue her and it took over a half hour to reset the alarm. Oops!

The office is filled with boxes. I haven't done a walking video tour of the new house like I promised my mother I would do. I haven't been to the gym since weeks before we moved. We have company over every single day of the coming weekend and the next three Saturday nights. I haven't picked up my knitting in days and days. I am feeling a severe lack of 'me time'. I am getting waxed tonight but surely that doesn't count on account of the pain and all. Of I also haven't ironed J's name into any of his uniform kit.

*sigh* I wanna go back on holiday.


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