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Thursday, August 7

I have a job!

A real job. A permanent job!

I had an interview yesterday for a company that handles the outsourcing of training for their clients. I was pretty excited about the interview as the job description was so very much like what I was doing at my last job in the States. I thought I'd be a shoe in for this one. I studied all afternoon for it...pouring over their website and getting to know all the services they offered so I could casually mention a bit here and there in the interview.

It was going well sitting and chatting to the Director I had the appointment with but then she wanted me to go upstairs and meet a couple people that I would be working with. My hopes went up then....thinking she'd not bother if she wasn't at least interested in me. So we go up and into a conference room with two others and start chatting again about my experience and how suitable I would be for the position and suddenly the Director starts going on about how soon I can start. I had told her I have a holiday coming up at the end of the month and she was going on about how she'd really rather that I had two weeks in before I left on holiday. So, I interrupted her and asked...."umm does that mean you are hiring me?" She got all excited and said "ohhh yes, if you want it!". Naturally I said yes!!!!! It's a great job and making more than I was making in the States. I am very excited about it.



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