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Thursday, July 10

busy busy busy

I need a vacation! Well, maybe not a whole vacation just a day now and again where as I have little to do. I want a day when I can knit or read at my leisure. I think I got awfully spoiled by not working for all that time since we moved over. Everyday is so jam packed with activity that I feel like I haven’t had a moment to stop and catch my breath lately. Last weekend we were very busy and when I did have some free time I slept! I was so tired, ok a little bit hung over too, on Sunday that I went to bed at 6pm and slept the whole night through!! I’m not complaining really because I really am enjoying myself. We been to a dinner party, had drinks with friends…even work has been nice…it’s just I want to knit and I want to read and I desperately need a pedicure. Free time gets quickly devoted to housework or errands or outings. Never mind….I have six weeks kid free coming my way and that will certainly free up a bit of time. No kidlet messes, no baths to give, no hours spent creating a pretend mail order catalogue! Tell ya about that one later I had better get back to actually working now that they’ve finally given me some actual work to be done. Later.


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