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Friday, August 1

Just a little slow today!

I have been working in Brighton on the temp assignment that I have been talking about and have been taking the train to work. It’s actually rather nice. I get to sit and read and relax without any distractions. Well, this morning there was one distraction that would have been a good one. Umm…that would be arriving at the station I needed to change trains at. It’s not like this is new and I didn’t recognize where I was…oh no…I was just so content in my reading I didn’t even notice where I was. I happened to look up and out the window and there was the station sign right in front of my window. I jumped up, knowing my lunch bag onto the floor in the process and dashed for the door. I made it….just in time for the door to lock and the whistle to blow. Just in time for the automated voice to tell me..”Welcome aboard….” Damn it! I felt like such an idiot!

32 minutes late for work. No lunch break for me today : (


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