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Thursday, July 31


Well, Jordan has been gone for just a little over a week now and I am exhausted! You would think that I’d be getting a rest from not having the momma pull happening but in order to take advantage of our brief kid free status Mark and I have had a very tight social calendar. We are having a great time but goodness it’s tiring! We have been seeing friends for dinner, for drinks...just for a visit.

Jordan left on the 20th and since then we have had 4 evenings free. One, just this past Monday wasn’t truly free as it filled quickly with a chiro appointment and then a frantic house cleaning spree. Now we are back on a stretch of plans that, with the exception of next Wednesday, is booked solid until August 11th!

Don’t take it wrong I am not complaining at all! We have been having such fun. It’s been great to be able to just dash off to dinner just the two of us not to mention not having to add ten pounds into the nights expenses. Goodness I can’t imagine the babysitting fees we’d be racking up if J were here!

I do miss that sweet little guy. I miss his hugs and I miss him crawling into our bed on Saturday morning and chatting with Mark, distracting him so I can have a lie in. He called the other day and sounded so very homesick. Just this sad little “hi momma”. He will be fine once he gets to camp today but this week at home with just his dad has him bored silly and missing us.

I am looking forward to my visit over. I am going over to the States for a week at the end of J’s trip. Going to gather a bit more of our stuff and bring it home. Well, not all old stuff…also a bunch of new clothes that I am going to buy and some yarn too. Mmmm knit-picks!!!!

Hmmm…any other updates? Still at the boring temp job although it’s not as boring as it was at the start. I am building them a database so that fills the time when there isn’t any real work to do. Oh, and they think I am brilliant so far! Apparently, I have gotten further in a month than they had in six on this database project….brilliant I tell ya!!! Shhhh don’t tell them but I haven’t done much more than the wizards could have gotten them…well, a bit more yeah but nothing near brilliant. Unless of course searching the net for code and copying it into the database is brilliant. Naw….that’s just resourceful.

I’ll be here till the 22nd and then I am out of work again. Sent out a slew of applications today again so fingers crossed!


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