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Friday, July 4

Well, another day another dollar.

err, pound. I had an email waiting for me this morning when I got into work. It said what a great job I was doing. Here let me share:

“Deanna, you have been doing very well in your new job with limited guidance from me. I am impressed by how quickly you are picking up the important details required in the tasks.”

Hmmmm, apparently I bugger all extraordinarily well!!! Yesterday, I sent out three emails. That’s it. All. Day. Long. I think I read every single page of the intranet site and most of their internet site as well. Where I sit in the office is so exposed I couldn’t even surf the web. Ohhh, what a painfully long day it was. Today should be better I have a few tasks to take care of so I should be busy till about noon. Then I get the exciting task of scanning in a huge stack of contracts. Kill me now.


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