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Thursday, July 3

You take the good...you take the bad

Well, it’s been nearly three months since the little guy and I moved to England. It certainly has been an adventure! We have settled in very nicely, smoother than I had even hoped. Not that I expected troubles but these things take time. Annalise ( I am certain I have spelled that wrong!!!) asked about the good and the bad so here goes J

Good: I have a job at the moment.

Bad: It’s only a temp position and I am getting paid ten pound an hour to do fuck all! I am bored silly. I have literally done absolutely nothing all day today. I’m even writing this from work just so I look busy rather than some slacker who just sits and stares at her monitor. I have had six job interviews for permanent positions and all of them, save one undecided still, have said how lovely I am and warm and well qualified I am. Unfortunately, every single time there has been someone else who had more relevant experience or someone the managing director wanted hired in. I have one left dangling…..well two really but the second has said they aren’t sure the position suits me but they are “keeping me in mind”. The one remaining opportunity just hasn’t made any decisions yet. I really hate being left hanging. It’s been very frustrating. The worst part being that I feel like such a burden to poor hubby. Every household bill has increased because of J and I and I still have a few US bills that have to be paid every month. He gets frustrated with me when I spend money, tries to hide it sometimes, lectures me others…but there is just this look he gets that makes me feel guilty to the core for having to use his money to pay for all the little things that come up.

Good: The weather. Generally though the weather has been very nice…lots of sunny days and moderate weather, hardly any rain at all. So far anyhow!

Bad: Unpredictability!! Goodness why do they even bother with a weather report here? It’s rarely ever correct and when it is it’s more to chance than any sort of science. Changes constantly too…I can look it up and it says sunny all day and hubby can come along and tell me how he saw it was going to rain in the afternoon. The most surprising thing about the weather has been the drastic temperature differences. We will be in shorts and t shirts one day and the next dragging a sweater back out of the closet. It’s so odd.

Good: Jordan is very settled. He loves his school, well, as much as any six year old loves school anyhow! He’s made friends and even had one over for tea one evening. He’s just started going to a childminder this week and though he fussed about it some when I told him it would be happening he’s actually enjoying it quite a lot. We ride our bikes to her house in the morning…it’s about a mile and a half…and then I ride on to the train station. I’m working in Brighton just now…morning commute is about an hour and twenty minutes but that includes taking J to the child minders house…it’s only a thirty minute train ride and the office is only ten minutes from the station.

Especially Good: Jordan and Mark are really bonding. Jordan calls him Daddy about 80% of the time…usually reverts to Mark when he wants his attention more quickly. They have been sweetly affectionate with each other…lots of hugs. Jordan has even begun to come to Mark for spontaneous cuddles which is just so very sweet. Mark really loves him too…it’s comforting to see them getting closer and closer.

I am very happy here. It just simply feels like I have finally found the life I was meant for. I feel comfortable, content and very much in love. Life is good.

Oh..one more Bad: Driving. Blah!! Makes me so nervous…just wound up tight and nervous. I have only done it twice so far and have to take a theory and road test within a year. Mark says I should take a few lessons and I think I am going to take him up on that offer because I feel absolutely clueless.

All for now….gonna try and see if they can give me some work to do. Or maybe just go to lunch.


At 7/03/2008 08:09:00 pm, Blogger Annalise said...

Glad things are going well! Hang in there with the job thing, it took me a while to find something decent... I found things here tend to move a bit slower than in the states when it comes to companies making hiring decisions. And I agree about the weather forecasts, they're hilariously inaccurate. :-)


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