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Monday, February 25

Start at the very begining...

I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Wedding plans are set and fine but moving seems like such a huge task that I haven't even begun to do anything yet. Ya know how it is when you have a big job to do and you just don't know where to start? That's how moving is feeling. I have sooooo much stuff to get rid of and no real idea of how to do so. Mark and Mitch will take their personal stuff to their Dad's house but save that I have an apartment to get rid of. Beds and dressers, a couch, microwave....even my spices that I cook with. I am not shipping anything over, just taking batches of stuff on each trip so all in all I am taking very little. Shipping was far to expensive...$1000.00 for just 50 cubic feet! Books, games, just too much stuff. I even have a storage unit I have to go through. *sigh* I have to dive in and get started very soon as I have already booked our one way tickets for April 12th.

46 days to do it all. Well, actually 36 as we have our cruise next week...oh and less the five days that everyone will be here for the wedding. 31 days to get rid of everything as well as pulling together the visa application. Yeah, a little overwhelmed.



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