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Friday, June 2


How do you lose four jobs in the span of three months? Somehow "it just didn't work out" sounds pretty damn lame about now. My ex has just told me today that he lost yet another job. I hate that I have to depend on child support from him but I simply do. Well, I can't actually because the moron can't hold a job long enough to get caught up on it. I think he failed the drug test this time. He worked a solid week for a trial period and on Friday they awarded him the job saying how well he'd done. Then they sent him for a physical and drug test. Come Monday the let him go. "It just didn't work out" *sigh*

So, now that he can't hold down one I will have to hold down two. I am going to go job hunting on Saturday. Maybe I can pick up a waitressing job a few nights a week. I have to do something I can't go on living like this. So stressed and anxious about paying the bills.


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