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Tuesday, May 16

Square glasses

The first day back to work after being unexpectedly out is awful. I was so busy and felt like I was playing catch up all day. Naturally this was the day that one of the big bosses decided to pay a visit. I did get a lot done but there is just so much more to do still.

Square Glasses

I am drinking tonight from a square glass :) So wonderful are the simple joys aren't they. My wonderful boys bought me square drinking glasses for Mother's day. What makes this so terribly special? They remembered. I loved my ex mother-in-law's square drinking glasses and have looked in several stores in hopes of finding some and have never prevailed. They did. Oh they did. Making it all the more perfect is that they got me four tall ones and three short. "That's all they had" It's just so wonderfully sweet and made me feel so very loved. It was a thoughtful gift that pleased me solely because they showed such care in remembering something I haven't mentioned in probably well over a year at least. I love them. They are precisely what I have always looked for and so very much more. I guess maybe, perhaps, I'm not doing half as bad a job as I thought in teaching them to be kind and thoughtful.


At 9/25/2008 04:58:00 pm, Blogger Zander said...

Were did they get the Square Glasses from, iv been looking every were for them myself.


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