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Saturday, May 27

I did it

I did it. I asked for a raise. I asked for a promotion and I asserted the fact that the new girl isn't going to take over when has been offered to me. I made myself known. I made my intentions known. Oh goo dgolly I did it. I am so not good at this. I honestly have never asked for a raise before. Well, that's not entierly true. I did raise my day care rates that once but that just doesn't feel the same. They had no choice but to pay it. Here I have to ask and hope.

I doubt I will get the promotion. The new girl is honestly more qualified than I am. My opportunity will come I just don't think this is it. The raise I will find out when I hit my 6 month mark from my hire in date. June 30, 2006. I have to "stay prayed up". Shawn at work says that all the time and cracks me up.

I'm glad I did it.

We'll see.


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