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Tuesday, May 9

I. Am. Still. Sick.

It's all moved up into my head oh joy.

On another note...work kind of sucks. They have hired someone to do most of the work I had believed I would be taking over and that would in turn lead to a promotion. Now I get the great joy of sitting down with my manager and asking her what in the world is going on. I am so not the patient sort to just wait and see how it all plays out because what if I keep my mouth shut and this newbie comes in and sweeps up the job I wanted? It's not looking well actually as this person has worked with the company before, has better experience and a degree to boot. *sigh*

Work has been so busy as well...I have barely a moment to breath let alone pull some thoughts together to go in and ask about a raise and my future there. I can hold my own once I am in the midst of a confrontation, good or bad, but I am not so good at stepping forward to create one. Had a crisis this week that I have handled rather well I think but still...I stepped up when needed I didn't raise the issues myself. Maybe I wouldn't make such a hot leader afterall. I did give it some deep consideration when I was in team lead temporarily....it's new and I haven't any experience to back myself up. I'm honestly not sure I can handle it just now. Likely one day I can...just not sure I am there now. Low self esteem or just reality? I'm just not sure.

The little man has made friends with the neighbor girl. It's sweet...he's such a boy and she is this little red headed skirt wearing girl. Such opposites in so many ways but they found friendship in rolly polly bugs today and had such fun with one another. He's been invited to her birthday party which thrilled him and then made him whine about how it's "never my birthday". I had a chat with girly's mom and she seems nice which makes the whole play together thing a bit easier. Nothing worse than a playmate having the perfect mom sort.

Time for medication. *sniffle*


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