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Sunday, May 28

My new favorite place

my chair

I went to work on Friday and as I was walking in I saw this green things wrapped in plastic. It had a note on it that said, "Free Camp Chair". Excellent, I thought. I needed another chair for my deck. I wanted a camp chair to take places easily. So, I grabbed it and tossed it in the trunk of my car. Today, middle man discovered it and pulled it out. WOW...I thought it was simply a chair I didn't expect a lounger. I had been thinking a week or so ago that I really wanted a lounge chair on my deck in which I could sit with my head leaned back and read. This chair is absolutley perfect. It is my new favorite spot in the whole wide world. I spent a good solid two hours this evening in it. A glass of wine and a book....ohh what heaven. I felt so relaxed and content I was a bit amazed. Goodness gracious I think I may even be happy. Are you ok? Have you fainted from shock? I do. I feel happy. The future's so bright I may have to wear shades. (sorry, had to say it!)


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