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Saturday, May 13

on the mend at last

Finally I have woken up and feel a little better. Not 100% yet but definitely on the way now. A full week sick is plenty long enough for me. It's made me think of mom a lot this week too. She has to suffer with illness everyday for the rest of her life. How does one cope with that?

The kids are hiding from me this morning since I have announced it's chore day. The house has suffered with my illness and it's time to get things back in order now. Maybe I'll give them till noon and rest a bit more myself. :) If we manage it all today I'll reward us with stirfry for dinner and a rental movie. Yeah, big spender eh! Such is life these days.

The little guy has just announced he is wearing shorts today. It's 49 degrees outside and raining! I was about to argue with him but luckily checked his drawers first. Nope, not one pair of clean long pants. *sigh* I feel like such a slacker mom. So, shorts it is and laundry is top of the chore list. Now that I think about I am fairly certain there aren't any clean towels for a shower either. *groan* Gonna be such a fun day.


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