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Friday, May 26

The good, the bad and the pretty

Let's start with the pretty since I am still not sure if the good exists today. I went to a thrift store today and bought three new skirts. Naturally I don't have any tops for any of them but they are sooooo cute. A long brown one that buttons all the way up the front and has this cool embroidery work down the each side along the buttons. I will have to take this one with me shopping for tops because ideally I need a little short sleeve t-shirt kinda thing in the darker brown color of the embroidered flowers. I got a short white one with this little tiny black flowery pattern on it...it's subtle and very pretty. I can probably wear this one with my white blouse but I think it would look much better with black on top. That should be easy enough to find. The last one is a bit longer, just past the knee and is black with a real fine pattern of cream flowers and two shades of green vines...it also has a cream stitched edge along the bottom so I am thinking a cream top with this one. I do have a cream sweater set but it's a bit to clingy for this tummy as of yet. There were loads of great skirts in this store I will have to go back. I did look for tops as well but my...err..ample upper body made everything they had a bit tight.

The bad...well is actually the good as well now that I think about it. I filed the final papers for the divorce today. The hearing date is set for June 19th. It's good because I will finally be free of that abusive son of a bitch. It is good. Really it is. It's just that no matter how right it is to end things it's still sad and I still feel like such a failure. I know I tried my best to make the marriage work. I know it's the abusive that he refused to admit or change that caused it to fall apart. Knowing these things makes it no easier to face life alone again.


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