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Thursday, May 11

Feelings for the day

misery: My cold has turned into a sinus infection and I am feeling terrible.

stress: Money is tight and doctors cost money. The oldest wants money for a school trip. No child support for four weeks now. Work is overwhelmingly busy and although I did manage to settle the crisis that has hung over me since Monday morning there is just so much to be done that I went in today feeling like the walking dead just so I wouldn't fall behind. I don't know if I can do it again tomorrow if I don't feel any better.

exaustion: I can't sleep. I wake up as soon as the medicine begins to wear off. I just don't sleep well in general and feeling like my head is full of cotton...very heavy cotton...doesn't make it any easier.

blue bells

awe: My love sent me this picture of the woods he walks in. The ground is covered in blue bells and the sun is peeking through the trees. It's an awesome image of God's ability to create beauty in nature. Takes my breath away, I can hardly imagine how it will feel when I can join him next spring and see it for myself. His arm around my shoulders, love in my heart and the beauty of God all around us.


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