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Monday, May 8


What a waste of a weekend this has been. I've been sick. Sore throat, fever, headache. Yuck. I have done little else than lie on the couch. I hate being sick. Absolutely despise it and why oh why does it happen when I have things to do?! I had laundry to do, my floors need mopping, all three kids were here.

Poor things what a dull momma they had this weekend. On second thought they probably loved it. All the junk food and computer time they wanted if only they'd be quiet! I am fairly certain that middle man had a months worth of computer time this weekend but, bless his soul, he is a little more than a sick momma can handle some days. Off to a friends he went saturday afternoon. Phew. Little guy was by and large under the care of the oldest this weekend. I owe him big time.

I did discover something this weekend; that things can actually get lonelier than they already are. Nothing is worse than being sick and alone. Yes, the kids were here so technically I wasn't alone but it's not the same as having someone who loves you make you a cup of tea or to bring you a cool cloth when your head feel like it may explode. It is sort of like rubbing salt into a wound. Like life is saying seeeeeee told ya you are so very alone. I had a long pouty whiney post all about it but decided it was just a bit over the top.

I am feeling better this evening. No more fever but my throat still hurts. alot.

The highlight of the weekend is this:


Nothing says spring like the scent of lilacs. My little apartment was FILLED with their aroma all weekend. This made staying in on a beautiful weekend a bit more bearable. I do love lilacs. They are wilting a bit now as they don't last very long but I think I will wake the kids early tomorrow and see if I can't stop and snag some for my desk at work. Brighten up my little grey cube.


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