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Thursday, October 8

‘nice farm smell’

I get a weekly email that tells me how many people have been on my blog. I am constantly amazed that anyone reads it all honestly J This week while skimming through the various search terms that led people here I found this one. 'nice farm smell'. That's her, she smells like nice farms! lol cracked me up.


A nice laugh this morning was very well received as this withdrawal has been kicking my ass the last few days. I wake up in the morning with a lovely headache. Nothing bad enough to make me need to stay in bed (unfortunetly?!) but just bad enough to make me distinctly uncomfortable all day long. Then around noon I start the dizzy dance…this is where the slightest movement sends dizzy shivers from my head throughout my body. It is the weirdiest sensation…not good, not fun. I cried last night standing in my kitchen when one of these dizzy spells hit me hard. I just sat my head down on the counter and cried. I want off this ride. I am down to a quarter of the dose I was prescribed so I know I am making good progress but it's bloody miserable. I am really worried about when I drop off it completely. I am really concerned that I won't be able to concentrate at work and make some horrible mistake. I am seriously considering asking the Dr to write me off work for a little bit just to dive under the covers and let this pass.


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