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Thursday, January 31

home sweet home...

I'm home. Sort of anyhow....it's an odd feeling to be working towards such a big move. This place, Michigan, doesn't feel quite so homey anymore. I want to go back to England. We will know very soon weather the move will be possible. A new court date has been set for Febuary 11th and this one should decide it. Mark is flying over to attend and give testimony. There is a chance we won't get through all the testimony in one day and a chance that the judge will take the whole thing under advisement but all in all we will have a decision. I am incredibly nervous and excited all at once.

Topic for one of the swaps is favorite vacations so later I will write up this last trip and post some pics too :) but for now work is beckoning....ohhh my oh my have the piles grown since I was away!


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