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Sunday, February 3

missing England

I am missing it so much more than I thought I would be. I think perhaps it's the feelings there that I miss the most. I just simply felt like I belong there. Please, oh please, let the court date go our way I want so badly to begin to make real plans for moving.

As promised here are a few pics :)

Almost a smile! He never smiles for pics but there is almost a little smirk there. I took this one at Kenilworth Castle. Wow, was it impressive. I am such a sucker for the Elizabeth/Robert Dudley story and there I was walking the same grounds as they had so long ago. I was breathless. This is one of the things I most love about England. It is so seeped in history. American history, while interesting in it's self, just doesn't fascinate me like English history does. It doesn't have the same depth.

Just me peeking through a little doorway at Kenilworth.

Warwick Castle. Pronounced Warick.....like soooo many places I said it wrong many times. I mean really, have the English just randomly added letter just to make foriegners sound like morons?! I can't wait to wander around this castle. We were told it takes a good solid day so we left it for another time and went to St Mary's church instead. What a gorgesous church that was. Robert Dudley is buried there so I was very interested in seeing it and I wasn't disppointed at all. Mark's Aunt and Uncle and cousin gave us a grand tour as his Uncle works as a guide there and they are all very into old churches. It was fantastic to see such a wonderful place with knowledgeable guides. I hope I have the chance to visit other places with them.

A walk in the countryside. I adore the fact that the public footpaths are protected such as they are in England. To have the right to roam this beautiful countryside is an absolute pleasure. The little white flowers are snowdrops and in a few weeks the same area will be covered in bluebells. I will likely miss the bluebells again this year though but I am so looking forward to this very walk next year.

The "crack" at the Tate Modern in London. Wow. I was duly impressed. The crack spans the turbine hall and is 548 feet long. It truly looks like someone pulled the building apart and it has split down the middle. It's meant to represent the division, borders, racism. The most interesting was to watch the people viewing it. Some stayed to one side or the other, some steped back and forth, while yet others walked along it straddling the divide. The people became part of the exhibit for me. You can imagine how unjustly people are separated without knowing who the truly are. Go see it if you can.


At 2/04/2008 01:19:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, those pictures are gorgeous! I can understand why you want to live their :)
Your Secret Pal

At 2/05/2008 07:05:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved your pictures of the English countryside and have my fingers crossed for the 11th for you - your *other* secret pal X

At 2/06/2008 03:05:00 pm, Blogger dee said...

Thanks guys :) I am so excited about these swaps!!! It's a welcome distraction from all the stress of recent days!


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