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Friday, February 15

the details

So, as promised, here are some more details :) The court hearing went beautifully, from our point of view of course, although it was really terribly painful to watch my ex. He really didn't have a clue what he was up against. I had suspected this all along but didn't realize the extent until the hearing. He didn't understand the type of hearing it was, he didn't understand the sort of evidence he should have been presenting...nothing. It was truely painful to watch someone fail so miserably. I won the right to get J his passport and the right to move him to England. It was the last piece of the puzzle we needed to make firm plans.

Oh and plans we have made! We have set a wedding date for March 22nd :) We will be getting married here in Michigan, up North in Gaylord where my mom lives. It's to difficult for her to travel so we are taking it to her. We've booked the airline tickets for Mark and his best man to fly over, booked hotel rooms, found a church and booked it too. The only thing left to book is a meal at a nice resturant, limited as they are in Gaylord. That will wait on setting the time for the wedding which should be done this weekend after a conference call with the minister. My little sister might even come up from Florida for it. yea! I am sooooooo excited.

36 days!

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At 2/15/2008 02:59:00 pm, Blogger Mary Mary said...

Congratulations again! You sound like you've planned a whole wedding in a few days...it took me almost a year! :)

At 2/15/2008 05:01:00 pm, Blogger dee said...

Actually I did it all yesterday! It's just going to a very simple small affair so there wasn't terribly much to do :) One major thing left is to find a dress!!! and I hate shopping for clothes.


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