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Thursday, January 11

5 weeks!!!

I leave for England five weeks from today. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! I want to stamp my feet and squeal like a little girl whenever I think about it. I can't wait to see Mark again we had such an incredibly lovely time when he was here. He's got our agenda all planned out and I cannot wait to see the sights he has on our list. There are so many places I want to see and I am such a geek I've been researching the history behind the places we will be able to fit in this trip. (and making a mental list for next trip!)

Speaking of lists, I have three started. Clothes to take, things for carry on and just a general to do to get done before I leave. I can't wait.

Concerning meeting his family I have settled down a little bit. He knows how I feel and I know he'll help me along if I get stuck in conversation. Besides, there will be little kids about and nothing is a better distraction than that, eh? It'll be fine.

Okay, well back to work I suppose. Work is a nightmare right now as we are so busy. Going from seven to three people hurt but has just now caught up with us and the workload is overwhelming. I feel most days like I do nothing but put fires out all day long. We still can't figure out what one girl on this team does all day. She manages to weasel out of work constantly by complaining and whining to the boss that she is overwhelmed. Crying and whining, literally! So her work gets redistributed across Shawn and I and it's frustrating. We will know by the end of this month if the entire contract with this client will be scrapped. If it is then we have 120 days notice to complete the transition back to the client. My boss keeps telling me that I have nothing to worry about, that I will easily shift to another client and that other managers have even inquired about my availability but still I am uneasy. There is always the off chance that she says so only so I will not find a new job in the meantime and leave her high and dry. One team member is due back from maternity leave on February 5th but no one has heard from her one way or the other concerning her plans to return to work. Can you imagine leaving a 3 month old baby in daycare? I can't and she honestly doesn't seem the type to be able to do so either. Some can and do and that's fantastic for those that do but it's a personal decision and we are all waiting to see what she will do.

Okay, back to it. Lunch is over.

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At 1/11/2007 08:20:00 pm, Blogger Annalise said...

So what's on your list of things to do? Very exciting, I'm sure the five weeks will fly by!


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