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Thursday, November 16


I wanted so badly to stay home from work today. I woke up with a terrible headache, it was raining out and i was so tired. I wanted to stay home, make a cup of tea and wrap up in a blanket. maybe read a little, maybe even clean a little. I just wanted to take a day off to be all alone and take care of me. I do far to little of that. Maybe it was doing my hair the other night that has prompted this feeling of neglect. I work, do for the kids, clean, run here and there and rarely take time to just be me.

We have a busy weekend coming up, I do anyhow. I am running a fundraiser for the youth group at church and so I have to make a huge pot of soup, gather the items for salads and rolls. It's a soup and salad luncheon for the congregation. I have others bringing homemade soups and the kids will serve. Everyone will offer a donantion in exchange for lunch and the funds raised will help send the group to 3DYC, a district your conference. I figure running the fundraiser was easier than chaperoning the trip! Can you imagine...2000 teenagers all in a hotel for 3 days? God bless those that run that thing!

So I have set up for the luncheon on Saturday afternoon and the luncheon Sunday of course. With clean up I am sure it will eat up the bulk of the day. I have got to find time to finish the church toddler room decoration. Just little tid bits to do there but it's just another item on the list. Oh my goodness, I have just volunteered to make a cake for my bosses birthday, am I out of my ever lovin mind?! That's what ya get for mentioning a great reciept in passing. Sheesh. Thanksgiving is next Thursday so I have to make rolls and a dessert for that to take up to Mom's house. well just the dough for the rolls but I have to bake them there along with the rest of dinner. Naturally it was my bright idea to have the homemade...my rolls are fantastic but why do I make list grow??

I have to make a list. I will feel better when I have a list to cross things off of.Want to know a secret? I am the sort that adds things to my list that I have already done just to have the satisfaction of crossing them off. Oh and the one thing I have been dying to do for myself? I badly want to redesign this blog. I love the pictures and backround but I think people don't even realize that the pics at the top are actually links. It's just a bad design. One day. *sigh*

Alright, I had better get to actually working at work. I feel so unmotivated today.


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