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Thursday, October 19

plain brown paper

I've gotten nice things for my birthday many time. I've gotten jewelry, clothes, money, all sorts of things...and though many of these things suited me well as well as brought me pleasure nothing came close to a the gift I got this year wrapped in plain brown paper tied with a bit of string. It was a little brown book, published 1886, of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poems. Perfect. It was thoughtful and sweet. Did he know how much I'd love it? How it'd become one of my most treasured possessions?

The history of this book touches me almost as much as the poems themselves. How many others have held this book in their hands and cried over the poems within it as I have in these last weeks? How many others received it as a gift from the one they love? How many others could feel the love, the pain, the joy and the sorrow so artfully expressed within these pages?

This is my favorite birthday gift I have ever received. Thank you. I love it.

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