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Monday, November 6

cool points

I took the kids to see Switchfoot in concert last Thursday night. The show was general admission so we had to get there quite early to get close to the stage so I was convinced by Mark to arrive at 5:15pm for a concert that started at 8pm. Door didn't even open until 7pm so we spent close to two hours standing outside in the cold. It was bearable but still quite cold in my opinion. About an hour into our wait I decided to hunt down some coffee or hot chocolate and I had to use a restroom badly. I decided to go into a little bar/resturarant that was next door to the concert hall. I should add that we were smack dab in downtown Detroit. If I couldn't get anything in this place I certainly wasn't going to go wandering about looking further.

In the interest of self protection I took one teen with me and left the other two in the line. They were plenty safe as there were lots of parents standing in line with their kids. Mitch and I go into this little place next door and it was so empty! Two people were sitting in there watching TV. I asked for coffee, hot choclate, anything warm...and a bathroom. The owner, I presume, said they had coffee and directed me to the restroom.

As I made my way far back into the narrow resturant I passed a wait station and saw a coffee pot sitting there with about an inch of coffee in it. I said a little prayer that this wouldn't be the pot the guy was refering to and hurried past to the restroom.

When I returned the man stopped me as I passed the little wait station again and said the coffee isn't very hot abd beckoned me over to feel the pot. Yeah, the same pot. The glass on the pot was cloudy and dirty looking and it was indeed not warm at all. To top it all off it now had about 4 inches of "coffee" in it. As politely as I could I told him no thank you and hastened our exit. Mitch said he oculd hear the guy running the water to fill the pot. Ewww. Watered down old coffee. Suddenly suffering the cold seemed so much easier to bear!

The rest of the wait was uneventful and finally they opened the doors. We hurried along with the crowd to get stopped by a big build up of people just inside the door. Luckily, it was the line for the will call window and we were beckoned forward by ticket takers. We made our way around and were rewarded for the cold wait with first row spots! The kids were thrilled and I scored major cool points :)

This was Mitch and my neice Rachel's first concerts. We had a great time and they had a very memorable first concert experience. In addition to getting front row the each got a drum stick from the opening band, Moses Mayfield, which they got autographed after the show. Mark got a drum stick and a guitar pick from Switchfoot themselves. He was over the moon! They also bought a copy of Moses Mayfield's CD and got them autographed by the whole band.

If that isn't good enough...we are also on Switchfoot's website in pictures taken at the concert by their photographer!! Mark and I have seen them before and unbeleivably I was in a picture on their website from the last show we saw. This time we are all on there. I'd link to it and show you but it's sort of a maze to get to it on their website. If you are interested lave a comment and I will draw you a map. Suffice to say it definetly rounded out a great night for the kids. Me too. I can't describe how great it feels to be able to have been able to share in this with them. We really had a fun time and I know they will always remember it. I know I remember my first concert and I know I can ask just about anyone what theirs was and they will spring into the story instantly. These kids have a great story to tell. It wasn't Mark's first...no more like his seventh or so but I did take him to his first as well. Greenday, about a year ago. No drumsticks or pictures but he actually won the tickets on the radio and we had great seats. Got his name up on the big screen too as the winner. It was a great night as well and one I am sure he won't forget. br>

Anyhow, That is the latest news around here. I suppose I am leaving out one bit but it's just so hard to say. I am old. I was so incredibly tired at work the next day. We got home around 1 am and I was exausted. *pout* Getting older sucks! Ahh well...nothing you can do to slow it down eh? May as well enjoy and suffer rather than just suffer I think!


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