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Wednesday, November 1

May the force be with you

I have always loved Halloween. I mean who wouldn't? Free candy, dress up and be anyone I wanted to. I think I have passed that love on to my kids as J was sooooo excited to go out trick or treating. Until tonight that is.

Started out badly when I ppicked him up from childcare. He was already tired and whiney. Had a complete melt down at home because I asked him to wash his hands. His green hands. Why they let kids his age use markers is beyond me. What is wrong with crayons? Even the cuffs on the sleeves of his brand new white turtle neck are green! I digress....so I settle the screaming exhausted child and get him into his costume, load him into the car and drive a block away to his friends house whom we have arranged to trick or treat with. Yes, we drove a block, you'll see it was with very good reason!

J was in a very silly, possibly slap happy mood. What is it with boys and the word poop anyway? He and his friend must have said it a million times. Followed each time by his mother asking him clamly and sweetly to "save that talk for the bathroom". I was just getting frustrated and aggravated. Myabe I am a wee bit over tired too eh?

The boys did settle down a bit about a block into it, thankfully, and all was good for about a block and a half. Then J's exhaustion caught up with him and he started begging to go back to the car and to go home. He lasted about another half block and then I was stuck carrying him the rest of the way back. See why I drove now? My back would never have lasted the entire walk home.

He was so tired he didn't even dump out his candy bag to inspect the loot! He asked for his jammies and was fast alseep by 7:15pm. I'm thinking we should start taking walks every night!

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