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Thursday, October 19

This and That

Got my passport pictures taken today. Ugh. They look pretty awful. Why do I always tuck my hair behind my ears for pictures anyway? Makes my face look sooooo round! Ahh well...as I was told, "It's a passport not a fashion show". Well, quite but still I'd rather it not look like I have just been arrested!

The little guy has his first parent teacher conferences coming up in a couple weeks as does the middle one. I worry little about Jordan's...I mean really how bad can it be in kindergarten right? But Mitch...well he's another story entirely. Honestly, I am not sure I want to go to his. It's gonna be bad. He was failing two classes at midterm. Not good. I just hate the whole feeling you get when you go and the teacher looks at you like it's all your fault. I mean really there is only so much I can do. At this age (almost 13) a good portion of his schooling is his responsibility. I can't hold his hand constantly and make sure his works gets turned in every day. I can make sure he has a place to study. I can check his planner. I can make sure the projects are done on time, that is if I know about them. He has a tendency not to write things in his planner...shall I send his teachers an email every day asking what the assignments are? Hmmm I wonder if they would do that? I am just at my wits end...I don't know what else to do with him. He's more than capable of getting the grades but he just doesn't do the work. *sigh* Mark..the oldest...I don't even bother with his. He's my perfect child. Straight A's...never a late assignment. I stopped going to his years ago when the teachers started looking at me and saying, "well, I haven't anything to say..he's always doing so well." Right. No use waiting my turn to hear that is there?

What else...

My trip to go see M is booked :) I am so very very excited about that! Ten wonderful days in England...119 days from now *sigh* but it's booked and I have my e-ticket all printed out and stuck to my office cube. Makes it seem so much brighter at work now! He's promised to take me to Stratford which means we can also see Kenilworth Castle and I am delighted about that. Oh I can't wait. Oh, and the Globe. He promised me we'd tour the Globe too. Last time i was in London that was the ONE thing I longed to see and by the time we got there the last tour had already gone. I can't begin to say how disappointed I was. We can catch a train into London and spend the day wandering about. There is so much I want to see I am sure we can't fit it all in especially since the thing I long to see the most is simply him. I want to just be there with him. We needn't go anywhere at all. (Well, except the Globe)

Mom is doing alright, hanging in there anyhow. She has an appointment on Monday with her Doctor that I am rather nervous about. She has been having some pains in her chest. She thinks it may be congestive heart failure which comes with the territory but is scary all the same. I hate it when new symptoms come into play, makes me scared that it's getting worse. Which, of course, is all it will ever do. I just hate to be faced with it so clearly. The reality of it all is she's not got a terribly long time left and she's started smoking again....It's just all downhill. All the is left to determine is how steep the hill is and can it be graded so the fall isn't quite so quick.

Well, that's all I have tonight. Gonna go make dinner and watch my Thursday night TV.


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