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Saturday, October 28

so sleeply

I am so very tired. I chaperoned a youth all night lock-in last night. 11pm till 5am of video games, put-put golf, lazer tag and rock wall. Oh and basketball too. I didn't do the lazer tag but I did make it to the top of the rock wall and was rather proud of myself, a bit impressed even. I didn't think I'd make it all the way up. It was fun...not often I get the chance to spend time with the older two guys without the little one nipping at our heels. I just think that perhaps I am getting a bit old for the all nighter. I have had a total of 2 hours of sleep since 6am yesterday. I managed to sneak in that little bit this morning after the event ended and before I had to get Jordan from his Dad's house. Poor Mark had a robotics competition this morning at 6:30am, he just got hom a bit ago and says that the whole time he was there he felt like it was about ten at night and he could fall asleep at any moment. I feel just the same. This is a very, very long day. Good five hours still untill I can possibly get to sleep again. Trust me I am counting the minutes!

M is home agian from his travels this week. Business and pleasure kept him moving all week long. I have missed him. My evenings seem to be so long when I haven't had a dose of chat with him. 110 more days and I can get some real quality time with him. That and begin to figure out where we go from here. Who will move where...well...most likely how I will manage to get over there for sort of a six month trial run. We need some substantial time together and that seems the best and easiest way to go about it. I'd rather go there anyhow. i want to live over there so very much. The little guy will come with me full time...the older two will come on school breaks. That is the hard stuff.

Lots of thinking to be done. Lots of details to be attended to...and I am far to tired to think tonight.


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