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Saturday, November 18

No rest for the weary

Today's to do list:

1. Get Mark to school by 6 am for robotics competition.
2. Fill blood stream with caffeine since Jordan will never let me go back to bed.

3. Make to do list.
4. Begin the attack on the laundry pile. (Consider just buying new wardrobes for all)
5. Pick up Mitch from a sleepover at his friends house by noon.
6. Go to the big huge quantity store to buy supplies for the soup and salad fundraiser that in a weak moment I volunteered to run.
7. Go to the church and set up the tables for said luncheon.
8. Pick up Mark from school by 4pm.
9. Come home and glare at remaining laundry. (I am sure it procreates when I am away)
10. Make huge quantities of chicken noodle soup for said luncheon.
11. Make yet to be determined dessert for said luncheon. (hmm...perhaps cheat and buy one?!)
12. Change cat's little box. (Alternatively make a child do it for me)
13. Finish laundry.
14. Ignore remaining chores and sit down to read. (should be around midnight)

Ugh. All I really want to do today is make a cup of tea and read. I didn't even add in the regular things like feeding the children. Then again, they did eat yesterday. Must I do it EVERYDAY? ;)



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