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Tuesday, May 2

Can I ask you a question?

Do I look easy? Honestly now, have a good look. There are pictures to the right there on flickr and down a bit there is one from the other night. Do I look like a girl who will just say "ohhhh you want sex...well come on over!!!"

What is it with the guys on yahoo? I have a couple good friends I chat with on there so I leave it on most of the time. Nightly, I get hit on. Now I don't consider myself some great beauty so what is it? Do they hit on everyone like this? And if they do are there girls out there that actualy respond to this sort of thing?

One guy the other night, he says hello. I reply in kind. Now understand I love conversation and I really enjoy talking with people so I am open to a good chat with someone new any time. A real conversation though....about actual things not just sex. I don't really like talking about sex at all. I'm a bit of a shy thing at heart and never have been able to do the cyber thing. It's just embarrassing ya know? Anyway...so the other night this guy and I exchange our hello and how do you do's and he says...."Can I ask you an inane question?" Normally here is red flag number one but he worded it curiously and so I said "Sure ask away". He goes on to ask me if I'm sure and chuckles and adds in that he's going to put on his hard hat in case I pull the "frying pan number" on his head. Now I am actually curious as to what this guy is going to ask me and finally he says this, "Do you like to look at random naked men?" I actually laughed out loud and replied, "nope". "Never?!" was the responce he squezed in before I blocked him. Did he really think I would respond with something like, "ohh yes! I just love it...can I see your thing?!?!" LOL

Ok. So, this ended up a bit of a rant...sorry about that but it does drive me a little bit insane. I just want to talk to someone. Why does it always have to be about sex?


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