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Monday, January 7

sad, sad day

I am feeling rather sad today. I have had my cat for 21 years, she's a good old girl but she's just gotten to old now and I have to have her put to sleep. She was born in my sock drawer when I was a junior in high school. I am doing ok about it just now but going home afterwards and tossing out the litter box and making her essentially disappear from our lives is really making me very sad. I really am going to miss her.

I told the kids that I was taking her in, well I told the older two anyhow. I didn't want to tell Jordan that I was having her put to sleep because I didn't want him thinking that I killed the cat. I have told him little bits here and there about how old she is and how she's not doing very well and such. In fact the other day I was talking to him and for the first time I also added in that she might not be around much longer, I told him she might die soon, and his response had his brothers and I rolling in laughter....he looks up at me and says, "ok, that'd be good!". I was so not expecting that reaction! He's just very practical about it. He figures she's sick and peeing all over the house so it's just time for her to go. Well alrighty then! I just hope that attitude holds out when he comes home from school tonight and she's gone.

Wish me luck....



At 1/09/2008 01:49:00 am, Blogger kasiaiscarly said...

i'm so sorry, that is so hard to put an animal down. . . especially after that long!!

please do me one thing, though, make sure your youngest knows from you the truth before he finds out from friends. i was humiliated at like 15 because no one ever told me "going to the farm" was having an animal put down. . . .so i really thought my dog went to a farm . . .

At 1/09/2008 03:03:00 am, Blogger dee said...

Thank you for the sympathy :) My son knows that she died, I just didn't tell him I had to do it.


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