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Thursday, December 13


Ohhh here's a fantastic addition to the chronicles of moronia!!

So the ex calls me the other day and asks for my help uploading his resume onto an online job application. He says he's tried and tried and it's just not showing up in the little box that says "submit resume here." OK...so after I walk him through browsing for it and uploading it and still nothing shows up I figure he's looking at something wrong and since I can't see his screen it'd be best to just copy paste the darn thing in. Now, you have to understand that this man has trouble making a capital letter because he simply doesn't know to use the shift key. Trust me it's really that bad....you'll see. So I walk him through the copying of his resume...which includes..."go to start...click on all programs...click on word...." etc. I get him to copy it and tell him to go back to the website now. "How?" he asks. I am sooo not kidding here. I direct him to the little buttons at the bottom of his screen and at last he finds the web page again. OK..."now," I tell him, "click in the little box." "Ok," he replies. "Now right click," I instruct and wait a beat for the menu to come up but before I can continue he says this..."ok I typed click" Yes folks, he typed the word click when I told him to "right click" Sad really...very very funny but seriously a five yr old knows how to write click with ease.

Oh oh and another little tidbit for you....the girl at work that I have complained about who is constantly slacking off....she got written up for poor performance!!! Shocked the hell out of me!

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