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Sunday, December 30

I'm running out of time....

The kids all return tomorrow. It's been days of blissful yet boring peace and quiet. Some plans for Saturday fell through and left me a little lonely feeling so I am really looking forward to the company again.

It's going to be a rather busy few weeks coming up. Jury duty, court, haircut, waxing, find a dress for the party, finish my poncho(I really want to wear in on the flight), find a hostess gift...that's all I can think of at the moment. Oh, clean the bedrooms, un-decorat the house, the church, committee meeting...doctor's appt., scripts refilled, cashflow...I kinda wish I hadn't started a list now that I see it.

Thinking of resolutions. Not sure what I would like to set for myself yet...I am trying to be brutally realistic this time around.



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