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Saturday, December 22


Yes, I realize it's not Christmas yet but the boys are all spending those particular days with their Dads so I jostled things a little bit :)

Jordan was soooo cute. he woke up and came into the living room and curled up on the couch with me. A good five minutes went by before he sat up with a gasp and said "Momma!! Open your eyes and look straight ahead!!!" This was at 6 am!! So I sent him to wake his brothers and the shredding began.

Everyone seemed very please with all their gifts. :) I was especially anxious about Mitch because he never gave me a list. What child has trouble making a Christmas list?!?! Once everything was opened I started dozing on the couch and Mark took care of his little brother so I could sleep a bit more. THAT was my Christmas gift...blissful extra sleep :) woohoo!! I woke up around 11 am to the smell of bacon...yeah he started cooking breakfast for us all. This wonderful child cleaned up the wrapping paper, organized the stuff back under the tree, took care of and played with his little brother and started breakfast! I am very blessed.


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