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Friday, December 28


I am sooooo tired. I had to have the kids at church by 6 am this morning. Then straight in to work by seven. I have a steaming cup of coffee sitting here and I am desperately hoping it will wake me up a bit. I stayed up far, far to late last night. Knitting and chatting with Mitch. We were watching this show called ghost hunters...pretty interesting. It's a decent show because they don't seem to make a big deal about it all. They actually try very hard to debunk the claims and most often tell the clients that they don't think there is any haunting going on. One episode last night though was creepy...they caught voices and things on film...just creepy.

My mom had this boyfriend once who's mother believed her house was haunted. She said that if you left a tape player recording all night you'd pick up voices. I never had the courage to try it...just too creepy.

Anyhow, 7 and a half more hours until I can have a nap. ahhhh the advantages of a childless week!


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